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Our Services

Zymosense offers custom services spanning custom hardware to sensor development.

zymo plate reader.png

Zymo Plate Reader

Capable of high-throughput sampling

Zymo handheld reader.png

Zymo Handheld Reader

Portable, fast, single sample reader

custom sensors.png

Custom Enzyme Sensors

We will work with you and accommodate your needs by creating sensors for specific form factors or with custom substrates.

Samples with unusual matrices, specific pH requirements or even solid-state substrates like plastics are potential probes we can develop for you.

Interested in our services or products?

Discover a solution for your needs with a personalized quote from us. Whether you're interested in our technology or our probes, we are here and ready to tailor our solutions for you. Simply fill out the small form below to get started, and our team will reach out with your customized quote and more information in no time. Let us help find the ideal solution together!

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